Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) – Town of West Hartford

Project Type

Safety, Operational, Capacity Roadway Improvement


West Hartford, CT

Scope of Service
  • Roadway Construction
  • Vertical and Horizontal Realignment of Roadway
  • Vertical and Horizontal Realignment of Park Road I-84 Ramp
  • Drainage Upgrades & Improvements
  • Site Electrical Upgrades
  • Signalization
  • Highway Illumination
  • Disposal of Unsuitable Materials
  • Modification of Bridge Wall
  • Street Signalization
  • Stamped Concrete and Blacktop
  • Drilling for Overhead Signage
  • Installation of Overhead Signage

The Park Road project presented Paramount Construction crews with complex challenges, including full-scope reconstruction, a retaining wall to split the on and off ramps, modification of an existing bridge wall, complete traffic signal installation, stamped blacktop, granite curbing, box beam rail, guiderail, drilling for overhead sign structures and upgraded thousands of feet of drainage. It also involved major cuts and fills of the medians, disposal of unsuitable materials, handling of ground water with specialty drainage, sidewalks, landscaping and paving, highway illumination installation, and pedestrian crossings. By the end of the project the character of the road was changed vertically as well as being widened.

As our single largest project of 2018, this assignment lasted 2 years and took place in one of West Hartford, Connecticut’s busiest intersections. This project affected several stakeholders and took place over multiple winter shutdowns. Paramount General Superintendent, Alex Pace, did an incredible job of setting traffic patterns and keeping the flow of traffic safe for our workers while ensuring safe and efficient traffic conditions for day-to-day public traffic. Photos shown include the relocation of I-84 Exit 43 Park Road off ramp and total reconstruction and realignment of the on ramp for I-84 in West Hartford.